“Cowboy Jousting” Exists & People Film Themselves Lassoing Each Other

Vocativ / Facebook

Cowboys, get ready for your new obsession.

Are you an expert lassoer, or even a decent one? Actually, this could be a game for all levels of lasso skill!

Cowboy jousting – yes, you read that right – is now a thing, so you better get to practicing! Thanks to several YouTube demonstrations, the latest redneck trend to sweep the Internet is called Cowboy Jousting, and the Facebook page Vocativ gave us a tutorial and a completion all in one video!

Don’t understand yet? That’s okay…we’re here for you! Think Medieval Times-era jousting, just without the horses. And the armor. And big, long stick.

Here’s How It Works

Two cowboys (or cowgirls) face off from several yards away and start running towards each other with lassos in their hand. As they run past each other at full speed, they try to lasso their opponent.

According to the compilation video on Vocativ, “it usually ends with someone falling on their face (sometimes even both players).”

Vocativ / Facebook

If you want to make sure no one gets hurts, make sure you do this on a softer surface, like grass. Cowboy jousting looks like so much fun – we can’t wait to get out there and try it! And from the looks of it, it provides fun for all ages…even young kids have started cowboy jousting.

Vocativ / Facebook

Watch the video below to get a crash course in cowboy jousting. Will you be trying it anytime soon?