Dale Jr. Reveals Where His Recovery Is Headed

Aaron Doster USA Today Sports

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has publicly informed fans and spectators that he will unfortunately be taking the bench for the remainder of the 2016 racing season. The professional stock race car driver was tragically involved in a terrifying wall collision that not only created a massive impact on his health, but his racing opportunities as well.

However, Earnhardt Jr. has informed that he intends to make his racing comeback in next year’s 2017 season, as well as delving into his rehabilitation process to show not only his promising progress, but his endless motivation! The relentless, two time Daytona 500 winner has been driving a race car simulator for rehabilitation purposes until he can fully commit to jumping back into the driver’s seat.

Earnhardt Jr. explained to ESPN,

“I have been driving a simulator a little bit. That is not the same thing as driving a real race car, but it does challenge me mentally and does challenge the issues and symptoms.” He continued, “I’m not ready [to get in a car],” Earnhardt said Saturday. “I know that. I’ll know when I’m ready and it’s not one of them things that has a schedule. You don’t know when you’re going to be, ‘All right, I’m good, let’s go do this.'”

He also described the difficulty he has experienced with his balance post accident, in addition to his faulty peripheral vision that he has continued to improve.

Earnhardt Jr. said he still spend a large amount of time in the garages and with the race cars and racers themselves, saying, “I want to be here, I guess, just to kind of see what they’re doing and what they’re dealing with so when I get back in the car, it’s not so far and I don’t have a lot of catching up to do.”

The promising driver raved about how much progress he has made within the last five weeks, convincing fans of his hopeful return to racing next season by saying, “I’m not ready to hang it up.” Needless to say, fans are relieved to hear of this incredible driver’s recovery headed in a speedy and positive direction!

For those who have yet to see the scary collision, you can do so below.