Miranda Lambert Helps Find Runaway In Moment Of Panic

John Shearer/WireImage

Country music star Miranda Lambert brought some major good karma her way when she helped her longtime friend Bo Brumble find his best friend! The “Vice” singer took to her Instagram for help when the runaway spotted a wild rabbit and was off in a flash! Lambert frantically posted,

So sad…My friend lost his best friend. Keep your eyes open CO! #comebackdaph @bo_brumble

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Within a few extremely stressful and panic ridden hours, the power of social media proved its worth and Brumble was reunited with his furry, four-legged runaway, Daphne. Lambert posted a followup post, expressing her gratitude for the reunion of the two best friends!

Reunited and it feels so good!!!! My friend @bo_brumble found Daphne! Makes my heart so happy! #BoD’s

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Fans and followers were elated with the happy news, one even telling Lambert, “This legit had [me] worried!!” The feeing of fear and panic is one experienced worldwide, drawing sympathy from¬†those who have experienced the same heartbreaking situation! Fortunately for Brumble, his¬†adventurous pooch was found safe and sound! Way to go, Miranda! It’s kind acts like these that make us all wish we could be “More Like Her”!