Dance Group Performs Routine To Alan Jackson’s “Chattahoochee”

ABC News, YouTube/Utah Live Bands

Line dancing has become a staple in the world of all things country, calling for dancers to bust out their boots and show off what they’ve got!

Well, these guys and gals picked a one-of-a-kind song to boogie down to, showcasing their impeccable timing and knack for the dance.

Set to Alan Jackson‘s fun and upbeat song “Chattahoochee,” these talented dancers give us a taste of how much hard work and energy they put into each and every routine.

The dancers seen in the video are professional dancers from Brazil that perform regularly for audiences all over the world. Ever since this group was formed, folks all over have requested them for repeat performances and, to this day, they remain in high demand! By the end of their masterful performance, it’ll become crystal clear why the group has accumulated such a massive fanbase.

Watch the video below for one of the best country dances you’ll ever see!