Darius Rucker Says He Would Pay His Own Way To Be On “Yellowstone”

Taste Of Country / YouTube

Darius Rucker is a not-so-secret fan of the Paramount+ series Yellowstone

The hit western drama series Yellowstone has amassed a huge following of fans and among them is country music star and former Hootie and The Blowfish frontman, Darius Rucker.

During a visit to the Taste of Country Nights radio show, the “Wagon Wheel” singer chatted with host Evan Paul about his few endeavors into acting. When asked if he would ever do Yellowstone, the answer was easy.

In a heartbeat,” Rucker responded instantly with wide eyes. He added:

“If Yellowstone called, I would pay for my own plane flight and hotel room — and they don’t have to pay me — and I would be on that show. I love that show so bad.” 

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What role would Darius Rucker play?

The Grammy-award winner has clearly already thought about how he could fit into the hit series.

I think I could steal Rip’s wife, I think that would be good,” he jokes. Addressing the show’s creator, Rucker says:

“I’m writing myself in, Taylor! Hook me up! I mean, Mr. Sheridan. Hook me up, Mr. Sheridan.” 

Filming for Yellowstone is currently underway and part 2 of season 5 is set to premiere this November. It will be the final season of the series.

Big Sky: Deadly Trails 

Darius Rucker has tried his hand at acting before

Darius Rucker has made televisions appearances on shows like Still the King (2016) and Hawaii Five-0 (2017), but most recently had a role in Reba McEntire’s Big Sky: Deadly Trails in 2022. He told Taste of Country:

“You know how I feel about the acting thing… Anytime somebody calls me and asks me to do something, I love doing it.”

Additionally, Rucker showed his versatility as an actor in the dramatic music video for his single “Fires Don’t Start Themselves.” In the video (below) the country singer portrays a detective arriving on scene at a devastating fire.

Watch Darius Rucker’s interview on Taste of Country Nights in the video below!