Deadly Snake Slithers Up Drain While Man Washes Dishes

Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation / Facebook

Michael Hilliard was in his home doing chores when he put his hand down in the sink to do the dishes and found a deadly eastern brown snake slithering up through the sinkhole.

This happened in Bunya, Queensland, Australia where this snake is known to be one of the top three deadliest snakes on the continent. Michael said his hands were just inches away from the highly venomous creature when it emerged from the hole.

“It was just a bit of a surprise. I’d popped my hands in and it was like woah what was that. Then I found out it was a juvenile eastern brown so I phoned up the snake catcher and he said yes it is,” Michael told 9News.

After he pulled his hands away and noticed it was an eastern brown, he decided to let the professionals remove the snake and called Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation. Snake catcher Steven Brown arrived on the scene and went in to investigate the situation but unfortunately, the snake had crawled back into the pipes.

Steve said he had to unscrew the “S” bend in the pipes in attempts to get him out and, fortunately, the snake decided to climb back up the pipes and exit out the sinkhole. At that point, he was able to safely wrangle the snake and remove it from the property.

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Below Is Video Footage Of The Eastern Brown Snake He Captured