Deer Tackles Man Walking In McDonald’s Parking Lot

Ken Worthy / Facebook

It was a normal day for Ken Worthy and his wife on Wednesday, January 22.

They went to a McDonald’s in Locust, North Carolina around 12:30 in the afternoon for lunch. After eating, they took their drinks to go and began walking to their car to continue their day.

Suddenly, a deer came sprinting towards them out of nowhere! It plowed right into Ken and knocked him to the ground. His wife rushed to see if he was okay and he stood up pretty quickly.

Security footage captured the entire thing and Ken posted it to his Facebook. He sustained no injuries, which is incredible once you see how hard that deer hit him.

“Life is crazy sometimes. God is good ALL the time! Not injured. Please share this it is unbelievable!” he wrote.

And the best part? He didn’t spill a drop of his coke!

Watch it go down in the video below.