Did Talladega Just Kill Tailgating?

USA Today Sports / Randy Sartin

It looks like NASCAR weekend won’t be the same after the announcement of a new rule banning any sort of open flame at the track – and this will surely have lots of tailgaters upset.

The Talladega Superspeedway is known for its iconic races, and a huge part of the experience of going to these events is enjoying the tailgates with your friends and family! But, this year – for the upcoming NASCAR weekend on October 21-23, things are going to be substantially different.

According to a new report by FOX Sports, the entire area of Talladega County will be under a new enforcement of a ‘burn ban’ due to extreme drought conditions. Talladega, along with 45 other Alabama counties are subject to the new (and hopefully temporary) regulations.

The track posted a flyer on their Twitter account that communicated most of the changes imposed by the new rules and they specifically ban every and all type of wood-burning along with most open flames.

“Absolutely NO campfires, pit fires, bonfires, fireworks, flying lanterns, etc. OF ANY KIND will be allowed on Talladega Superspeedway property,” The flyer reads, adding that cigarettes and cigars will be permitted so long as the user takes caution when using them. Along with that, gas-grills must be a minimum of 3 feet off the ground and must not be burning when not in use.

Check out the full flyer below along with a video of how NOT to tailgate during a NASCAR race.