Gwen Stefani Makes A Presidential-Sized Announcement

Lester Cohen/WireImage via Us Weekly

Watch out 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…Gwen Stefani is coming to pay a visit!

Stefani blew her fans away on Thursday when she made a presidential-sized announcement on social media. In a short video that revealed the pieces of the puzzle one by one, Stefani announced that she has been selected to perform at the White House.

The images in Stefani’s video uncover everything we need to know about her upcoming performance. It will take place on October 18, and will be an Italy State dinner with guest chef Mario Batali. Oh, and Stefani is the artist who will provide the night’s entertainment.

The Washington Post elaborates further on Stefani’s big gig, writing that it is “expected to be the last” state dinner hosted by President Obama and his administration. The black-tie event is being held in honor of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife, Agnese, who will be visiting the U.S.

Since the guests of honor are Italian, it’s no surprise why Stefani was selected to perform at the dinner, because her father, Dennis Stefani, is Italian American. Guest chef Batali was also a perfect choice for the evening, since he is considered to be an expert on all things relating to Italian cuisine.

We wonder if Stefani’s role in the White House’s big dinner means that her boyfriend Blake Shelton will be in attendance as well. Stefani didn’t say if she gets to take a guest, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Congratulations to Stefani on this high honor! Enjoy her duet with Shelton below, called “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.”