Dishwasher Stuns ‘American Idol’ Judges With Insane Guitar Skills

American Idol / YouTube

This second season of the rebooted American Idol is turning out to be even better than the first! We’ve already met so many talented singers in the premiere episode on Sunday (March 3), we didn’t know if anyone could top them.

We loved hearing classic country songs like Vince Gill’s “Whenever You Come Around” and “Mama Tried” by Merle Haggard being performed.

But it looks like someone in an upcoming episode might put everyone to shame. 24-year-old dishwasher Alejandro Aranda from Pomona, California walked into his American Idol audition with a guitar while wearing all black.

Unlike many of competitors, he performed an original song, which he released to Spotify under the artist name Scarypoolparty in 2018 titled “Out Loud.”


He began the song strumming his guitar and when he started to sing, he showed off his truly insane guitar skills, which made Luke Bryan’s jaw drop. Bryan looked to Katy Perry and Lionel Richie to see what their reactions were.

American Idol / YouTube

They all had similar visible reactions to Aranda, as though they could not believe what they were seeing and hearing.

It didn’t take long for all three judges to give him a standing ovation after he sang – and strummed – the final note.

Bryan, Richie, and Perry could not stop raving about his talent, so we’ve provided y’all with all their reactions.


“That was the greatest!”

“You, my friend, are so talented. I am so inspired.”

“You have such a career, and the fact that you don’t know it, makes it even more special.”

“There’s nothing like you, my friend.”


“I just feel like I’m in the presence of greatness.”

“I am so glad you are here; it was like watching my favorite movie that I did not want to end.”

“I don’t even want to see anybody after him.”

“I will not sleep until I watch him perform again.”


“I think you’re really special.”

“I think you’re an absolute genius.”

“I quit.”

Because it’s a sneak peek, they didnt show the end of the audition, where they say if he’s making it through to the next round or not, but we’re pretty sure we will be seeing him at Hollywood Week, and beyond!

Watch his audition below and make sure to tune into American Idol on Wednesday (March 6) to watch the next episode.