Dog Dies Saving Country Musician From House Fire

John Scott / Facebook,

John Scott is a Nashville musician who lost everything due to a house fire.

In early April, Scott was sleeping at home with his girlfriend, Jana after a late-night gig on Broadway.

He was abruptly awoken by his dog, Frank when he realized the house had filled with smoke and fire while they were asleep.

“I screamed for her [Jana] to wake up, we gotta get out of here and I grabbed her by the hand. At that point, I couldn’t see the hand in front of my face,” Scott told Fox News.

While Scott and his girlfriend were able to escape the flames, his dog Frank did not.

“If it weren’t for Frank waking us up the way he did, we probably would’ve gone.”

Along with losing Frank, Scott lost several instruments, recording equipment, master tracks, and all of his personal belongings. The only things that survived were the instruments he had left in his truck from the gig prior.

“I did have what I use when I am playing downtown. I had my fiddle and my keyboard and they still work, with that, I have my hammer and I can still go out and make music.”

Scott continued by saying that he considered leaving Nashville and starting over somewhere new, but the outpouring of love from fellow musicians caused him to stay.

“I’d actually considered leaving, but I believe now I want to stay because this is where I belong, the love people have shown me, this is the right place to be.”

Scott toured with country artist Jamey Johnson for eight years, toured with Tanya Tucker, and has appeared on various records from multiple artists. Johnson has given Scott $5,000 cash and is going to replace ALL of his lost instruments. He’s also putting him up in a hotel. However, Scott and his girlfriend have a long road of rebuilding ahead and anyone wishing to help them out can visit their GoFundMe page.

Watch the full story in the video below.