Dog Rescuer Cries After She Finds Deformed Puppy, Decides To Adopt It

ready_freddie_ / Instagram

Dog rescuer Angela Adan got a call about a small dog someone abandoned that was found living underneath a car on the streets. She decided to get in her vehicle and drive four hours to the dog’s location and rescue it.–wO5wgdEF/

When she arrived, she found the scared pup wrapped in a blanket, malnourished and deformed in the mouth and front legs. She quickly took her to Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in Tehachapi, California, and they named her Freddie.

After running some diagnostics on Freddie, they found she had multiple health problems including teeth complications and not enough epiglottis in her throat to prevent fluid from going into the lungs.

Even though Freddie was incredibly handicapped, her spirits were happy, loving, and grateful. Angela says she has rescued many dogs in the past and rarely cries during the rescue to show strength to a dog, but this time she found herself sobbing her eyes out.

Angela decided to keep her even though her medical bills were extremely high and she had many challenges that required a lot of attention. She says the dog has constantly reminded her to enjoy life and live in the moment.

Freddie has an Instagram page with over 300 thousand followers on it and gives weekly updates to the public about her life. The Dodo also did a video covering the dog’s rescue that you can watch below.

Watch Freddie’s Rescue Video Below