“Masked Singer” Shares Astronaut’s Identity…It’s Country Singer Hunter Hayes

The Masked Singer / YouTube

After making it all the way to the Top 6, the Astronaut on Season 3 of The Masked Singer was forced to come back to Earth and unveil his true identity.

From early on in the season, viewers speculated the astronaut was Grammy-nominated country singer-songwriter Hunter Hayes. Many felt they recognized his voice from his first performance.

Though the Astronaut’s song choices (he purposefully steered clear of country) and his clues left some viewers puzzled. But as the weeks progressed, more people agreed there was no mistaking the Astronaut’s voice for anyone else’s other than Hayes’.



Sure enough, when the Astronaut’s identity was finally unveiled on the April 29th episode of the show, it was revealed that Hayes was the man behind the mask.

In addition to all of the fans who figured out the mystery right away, Judge Nicole Scherzinger had correctly guessed that Hayes was the Astronaut.

The “Wanted” singer later celebrated his unmasking on social media by sharing a photo of himself wearing his Astronaut costume without the mask.


After his mask came off, Hayes said he enjoyed getting the chance to try something out of the box by participating on The Masked Singer. He was happy he got to try new songs, was able experiment with his voice, and got to throw some choreography into his performances.

Before he left the stage, Scherzinger said he had been her favorite contestant on the show that season. That’s some high praise!

Tune in to the clip below to watch the moment Hayes was revealed to be the Astronaut on Season 3 of The Masked Singer.

Were you shocked to see Hayes was the person behind the Astronaut’s mask? Or did you know it was him from the start?