Dolphin Swims Up To Dog In Boat & Gives It A Kiss

One World One Ocean / YouTube

Two boaters and their canine companions got the surprise of a lifetime while out on the open sea!

Although it was posted in 2012, a clip of two boaters, two dogs, and a dolphin is going viral, and for good reason.

With millions of views, the clip shows a remarkable interaction between two of the most intelligent animals in the world…dolphins and dogs.

WOA Funny / YouTube

Filmed to be included in the award-winning IMAX film Dolphins, the clip shows how much dolphins love to socialize. And it seems they don’t care if their friends have four paws instead of two flippers!

The short clip shows the dolphin popping out of the water, surprising a pair of boaters and their unsuspecting pups. Then, the dolphin approaches one of the dogs, who is seen excitedly leaning over the side of the boat.

In what can only be described as a magical moment, the dolphin leans forward and boops the dog with its nose. It looked like it was giving the dog a kiss!

After sharing a smooch with its new furry friend, the dolphin takes off. Later, it can be seen leaping out of the water in a joyous celebration.

If you need a little something to brighten up your day, this clip is the perfect thing to watch. Be sure to check it out below to put a little sunshine in your life.

Dolphins and dogs don’t meet that often, but when they do, some remarkable interactions occur. You can watch more dolphin and dog friendships unfold by tuning in to the compilation video below.

Have you ever had an encounter with a dolphin before? We’d love to hear about your experiences! They are such outstanding creatures, aren’t they?