‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Star Will Have You Shouting ‘Yeehaw’ Over His ‘Country Boy’ Dance

Dancing with the Stars / YouTube

Who Knew That “Bo Duke” Could Dance?

Over the course of Season 27 of Dancing with the Stars, one celebrity who demonstrated great growth was Dukes of Hazzard star, John Schneider.

Y’all may remember him as Bo Duke in the popular series.

As the oldest celebrity on his season, it was clear from the start that Schneider would have a challenging road ahead of him. Traditionally, younger celebrities tend to dance home with the mirrorball trophy, though that’s not always the case.

Age 50 at the time, Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey holds the title as the oldest female champion of the show. The oldest male champion is Donny Osmond, who was 51 at the time of his win.

Week after week, Schneider proved he was more than willing to rise to the challenges thrown his way. He tackled every dance he was given with energy and enthusiasm, and worked to better himself after making it through each round.

Rising To Every Challenge

Up until week seven of the competition, Schneider’s highest-scoring dance was during week five. That was Disney Week, and he performed a Jungle Book-themed dance to the animated classic’s beloved song, “I Wan’na Be Like You.”


That dance pushed Schneider through to the following week, during which he unfortunately earned his second-lowest score of the season, and the lowest of any celebrity that week. Still, the viewers had faith in him, and voted him through to dance another dance.

Week seven’s theme was right up Schneider’s alley, since it was Country Night. All of the celebrities performed routines set to famous country songs, with some even having the actual artists there to perform for them live.

A Dance Right Up His Alley

But Schneider’s dance was different, because the in-house band performed his song, which was John Denver‘s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.”

The upbeat song was the perfect fit for Schneider’s boot-stompin’ jazz dance, since it kept him hopping across the floor. He was moving so fast at some points that it was hard to keep track of him!

In the end, the judges were pleased with the improvements they saw, and awarded Schneider his highest score ever for the dance…a 25!

Sadly, even that high score wasn’t enough to save Schneider from a double elimination. He was one of the celebrities sent home, just a week short of the semi-finals.

Despite that, he can feel proud of himself knowing that in his final week he left it all out there on the dance floor! You can check out his country dance in the clip below.