Eddie Montgomery Finally Reveals Who Will Sing Troy Gentry’s Parts On Tour

Michael Hickey / Contributor / Getty Images

For the first time, Eddie Montgomery will headline a Montgomery Gentry concert as a solo act on Friday (Jan. 19). His bandmate and longtime friend Troy Gentry tragically passed away in a helicopter accident on September 8, 2017. Before Troy’s passing, Montgomery Gentry had recorded an entire album titled Here’s To You and it will be released on February 2.

Shortly after the album release announcement, Eddie revealed that he will be touring in support of the album. The Here’s To You Tour kicks off Jan. 19 and runs until September.

Montgomery shared a photo from the last rehearsal before embarking on this tour and uploaded it to Facebook with an emotional note.

“Getting here-to this day, this moment, this breath-has challenged us all beyond anything we could have ever imagined,” he wrote. “While we were rehearsing today-Angie [Troy’s widow] stopped by. We gathered around each other-hugged, laughed, cried, prayed and talked about tomorrow-just like a family would do.”

He continued, “Because, we are a family. Love runs so deep-friendships are so strong, the music is so timeless-now, it’s time to bring our musical family back out on the road-to continue to share this journey with you. Thank you for all the prayers-the support-the messages-but most important-thank you for sharing your love for our brother T-Roy. When we hit the stage-his smile, his laugh, his voice and his magic will be in every song.”

Montgomery also pointed out that he couldn’t help but notice the ray of light in the photo. Check it out below.


We’re sure many fans have wondered how the upcoming Montgomery Gentry tour will go, since both Troy and Eddie sang lead vocals at some point, and harmonized when they weren’t singing lead. Well, Eddie stopped by SiriusXM The Highway recently and answered that exact question.

“I was going to take over the role and sing all of it,” Eddie told radio host Storme Warren. “The guys in the band – we’ve been through everything. They’ve been with us 20-25 years, most of them. And so I said, ‘You know what I think what we’re gonna do is maybe I might kick it off.’ Our guys are great singers! And so we figured, we’ll do some of the parts here and there and let the band come up and showcase them, too.”

Take a listen to the interview clip below.