Entire Georgia Town Up For Sale For Just $1.7M

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Just two hours outside of Atlanta, Georgia an entire town (with 700 residents) called Toomsboro is for sale. If you’ve got $1,700,000, it can be yours.

Town Features

The old historic town has an inn, a syrup mill, an opera house, a schoolhouse, a railroad depot, a cotton warehouse, a restaurant, a barbershop, a water wheel, a grist mill, a workshop, a filling station, and several houses on 40 acres of land.

The previous owner David Bumgardner said he had dreams of turning the town into a tourist attraction and preserve it’s old-timey look.


David had been buying up houses and properties after people decided to leave town or passed away. Unfortunately, when the economy crashed, he was no longer able to pursue that dream.

“We have an affinity for historic towns and entertainment,” David’s son Tim told AJC. “This is a diamond in the rough. We drove through it (back in, like, 2001) and saw possibilities. It was our dream. Unfortunately, things change.”

David and the remaining residents are hoping that the new owners of the town will want to preserve the historic properties instead of bulldozing everything down. They say if you are interested in buying the town then visit their website for more information.

Video Tour The Entire Town That’s For Sale Below