Jessie James Decker Takes Youngest Son To Hospital – Had A Bug Bite That Turned Into A Boil

Jessie James Decker / Instagram

Jessie James Decker and her husband, Eric Decker, have three beautiful children: Vivianne Rose (age six), Eric Thomas II (age four), and Forrest Bradley (age two).

Jessie’s kids often appear in the photos and videos she shares on social media, and her followers always gush over how adorable they are.

But on Wednesday (June 24), Jessie shared a not-so-adorable story about Forrest and a trip to the hospital.

The country-singing mama shared a photo of her youngest son resting on a hospital bed while eating a grape popsicle. While Forrest looked happy in the moment, he had been through quite the ordeal. Jessie described how he ended up in the hospital, saying it was a “freak thing.”

Forrest got a bug bite on his hiney and after a few days somehow it turned into a staph which turned into a boil!” Jessie said.

Jessie told her followers Forrest was in a lot of pain and he started running a fever. So she and Eric took him to the ER

[The boil] was like a golf ball it was so hard and he was in so much pain,” Jessie said. “He got a very high fever and we had to take him to the emergency room late night.”

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, only one of Forrest’s parents was allowed to stay with him. So Jessie accompanied him inside, where he had to be sedated so doctors could remove the boil.

They had to sedate him and cut it open and get it all out,” Jessie said. “He handled it like a champ but it was so sad to see him in so much pain!

Jessie told her followers that doctors placed Forrest on an antibiotic “and that helped big time.” She wondered if this ever happened to anyone else, and dozens of people commented to share their own, similar experiences.

We’re glad Forrest was able to get the medical care he needed and hope he’s not in pain any longer. We’ll be praying for his quick and complete recovery.

A few months ago, Jessie spoke with US about whether or not she and Eric are planning on welcoming a fourth child into their family. Watch that video below.

If Jessie and Eric do have another child, baby Forrest wouldn’t be the baby any longer!