Father & Bride Electrify Crowd When Tender Dance Takes Insanely Epic Turn

BP Film & Photo / Youtube

This father-daughter duo clearly knows how to put on an unforgettable show! While most daughters dream of the coveted daddy-daughter dance in which the two share one last moment before the bride is then joined with her new husband, these two made sure they went out with bang!

The video begins with the two gracefully dancing to the bittersweet song “Butterfly Kisses” as their audience absorbs the tender moment. However, this father and daughter have a different agenda as the music quickly screeches into the fast-paced MC Hammer hit “Can’t Touch This.”

Whipping out a pair of dark shades, the two go full hip-hop mode as they “Hammertime” shuffle across the dance floor and showcase some unbelievable moves, taking their eager audience on a trip around the musical world! From the running man to an abundance of hip swinging and booty shaking, they absolutely kill it on the dance floor!

Perhaps the biggest surprise – the father is an absolute monster as he tears up the dance floor with his impressive dance moves, but it looks like he definitely took some dance lessons, which we applaud him for!

Check out this epic video for endless laughs and some impressive skills!