Fed Up Cowboy Blasts Political Protestors In Severely Heated Rant

Chad Prather

Television personality and outspoken cowboy Chad Prather has been shattering self-entitlement and political conflicts with his searing Facebook videos. The Texas resident typically records his brutally honest rants in his pick up truck, completing his signature look with a black cowboy hat and coy smile.

In a recent video, Prather chose to address the political protesters that have been voicing their discontent with President-elect Donald Trump. Boldly, the cowboy opens his video with, “What are you protesting? The American political process?… No. You just didn’t get your way. Get back into Starbucks and yell about your latte order getting messed up.” 

But this comedian is just getting started! He admitted that he personally felt it was his generation that got the ball of self-entitlement rolling, explaining that while his generation was feeding off of the hard work and lack of bonding time of parents, it only encouraged them to enable what we now call the newer generation: millennials.

“Then we had millennial babies! Oh, they’d never know failure! We wouldn’t allow it… These wondrous miracles that could do no wrong, they deserved the best in comfort, luxury… and a trophy for everything they sucked at!

He continued, “I’m sorry your daddy called you princess’, baby! Because you’re not one! Daddy lied!” 

Prather profoundly ends his video with, You have no marketable skills! Now get back to class snowflake while the rest of us fix this.” Watch the whole speech for yourself and tell us what you thought!

Maybe it’s time to protest the protesters!

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Posted by Chad Prather on Monday, November 14, 2016