Final Episode Of ‘Nashville’ Just Announced…Mark Your Calendars

Nashville / Facebook

After six years, the country music-themed series Nashville is finally coming to an end. But without its fans, the show would have been over already.

In 2016, Nashville’s network ABC announced it was ending the show at the conclusion of its fourth season. But the fans weren’t having it, and campaigned for another network to pick up the show.

Finally, CMT agreed to take on the show for a fifth season, and then a sixth. However, in November 2017, it was revealed that the sixth season of Nashville would be its last.

That final season is now half of the way over. Nashville aired its mid-season finale on Thursday night (February 22), leaving fans wondering how much longer the show will be on the air.

Well, there’s no need to wonder any longer, because Nashville just announced the date for its last-ever episode.

According to VarietyNashville will return from its mid-season break on June 7. That will only give the series a few more episodes to wrap things up, because its final episode will air on July 26.

CMT shared a preview of what to expect in the final episodes of the series. It seems as drama-filled as ever, especially since a couple of the main characters look like they may start pursuing new romantic relationships.

Variety reports that two new cast members will be joining the series for its final episodes. One of those cast members is Ronny Cox. He will be playing the part of Gideon, a reformed alcoholic who also happens to be Deacon Claybourne’s father.

It goes without saying that the last few episodes of Nashville are going send its viewers on an emotional roller coaster. Head below to watch the preview on what’s to come before the show’s finale.

What are your feelings about Nashville ending? Are you sad to see it go, or do you think it’s time?