First-Ever ‘Voice’ Trio Brings Heavenly Harmonies To History-Making Audition

The Voice / YouTube

Huge Addition To Blind Auditions

Back in January 2019, fans of The Voice were buzzing after Country Living confirmed that the show would be making a major change to the blind auditions during Season 16.

During past seasons, The Voice has only allowed solo artists and duos to compete. But Season 16 changed the rules so trios could compete as well.

While Season 16 marked the first time the U.S. version of The Voice would welcome trios, other iterations of the show have seen trios compete in the past. For example, The Voice UK recently introduced trios as well, something thatVoice UK coach (and former U.S. Voice coach) Jennifer Hudson was a huge fan of.

It’s kind of cool for us because you don’t know if you’re hearing one voice, two voices or three voices,” she said while speaking to Express. “So it keeps it suspenseful for us. Like, what are we listening to?

An Audition For The History Books

What Hudson described is the exact type of reaction that the Season 16 coaches had when the show’s first-ever trio stepped on stage for their blind audition performance. The group, called The Bundys, consists of three siblings, two sisters and one brother.

For their blind audition, the trio picked a song that would perfectly showcase their well-refined harmonies. The song was “Closer to Fine,” which was recored by the folk-rock group Indigo Girls and released on their 1989 self-titled album.

The song’s naturally light and folksy arrangement made it the perfect match for The Bundys. The siblings spent the entirety of their nearly two-minute audition showcasing the beauty of their harmonies, as well as their individual talents.

But it didn’t take more than a few seconds for the siblings to catch the attention of the coaches. Blake Shelton was the first to turn his chair, and Kelly Clarkson immediately followed. Based on their reactions, you can tell how stunned they were to see a trio standing before them.

The Voice / YouTube

Who Did They Pick As Their Coach?

One the group finished singing, Adam Levine spoke of his own surprise, saying that he had no idea trios were even allowed on the show now. He immediately expressed regret that he didn’t turn his chair around, then left Clarkson and Shelton to fight over the talented trio.

While Shelton put up a pretty convincing argument, Clarkson knew how to appeal straight to the three siblings’ hearts. She mentioned how much she values the ability to harmonize, revealing that she actually wanted to be a backup singer because she loves harmony parts so much.

On top of that, Clarkson named a number of artists with songs she feels would be perfect for The Bundys to sing, and one of the artists she named happens to be a favorite of the siblings. She won them over with that, and they announced they’d like to join her team!

In doing so, Clarkson has now become a part of Voice history along with The Bundys, as she is the first person to ever coach a trio on the show! You can watch their game-changing audition in the video below.