Flashback: Reba McEntire Competes In Barrel Racing

Clark Elsberry / YouTube

Reba McEntire has hosted many different shows throughout the course of her career.

If you watched any show she’s hosted, such as the CMA Awards, CMA Country Christmas, or the ACM Awards, you would have noticed that hosting a show like that seems like the perfect wheelhouse for the bubbly and hysterical McEntire, but we’d be lying if we said it was her first go at it.

Her previous hosting duties at the ACM Awards were both alone and with other co-hosts, such as Blake Shelton, Alabama’s Randy Owen, and George Strait. But, even before that, she was hosting rodeos!


McEntire actually has a rodeo background, being a successful barrel racer before she became a huge country star. She got her start in country music after someone noticed her singing talent at a rodeo event after she performed the national anthem. McEntire recently returned to the rodeo to perform the same song that made her famous back in 1974.


At a rodeo event she was hosting many years ago, the crowd talked her into jumping on the back of a horse to show off her skills a little bit, and she did not disappoint!

Tackling the same event that she was well-known for back in the day, McEntire was totally in her element with a huge smile on her face. While she wasn’t riding at full-speed, her hair was flowing in the wind as her horse galloped around the barrels! She even raised her hand high up in the air to signal to the crowd that she was having a blast.

Even from this low quality video, you can tell she was extremely talented at the sport. Watch the video below.