Following Attack On ACM, Country Singer Says He’ll Be “Blackballed”

Daniel Page/Ogden Theatre/Marquee Magazine

Just yesterday he launched a full-on assault on the Academy of Country Music, condemning┬áthem for their “meat parade” and “pageantry, and now he’s acknowledging the fallout…

Sturgill Simpson, known for his classic country sound and connections to legendary artists like Merle Haggard, took up his issues with the ACM (and other major country organizations) in a fiery public statement on Facebook that slammed the organization for giving up on the values of country music.

In addition, Simpson declared that their newest award, the Merle Haggard Spirit Award, was essentially “bullsh-t”, and that they were only doing it in order to ride the last wave of Haggard’s fame since his passing in April.

Today, he issued a follow up statement on Facebook to clarify what he sees as his future in Nashville and what affect his statement will have on that.

“All of these organizations don’t walk it like they talk it. I called The ACM out directly because they are simply the latest in a long line of organizations that have done the same since Merle’s death…and even before,” Simpson writes in the update. “Claiming to uphold and hold dear the original values and integrity of Country music’s legacy. Yet these are just hollow words…merely empty semantics.”

While he clarified what he had said previously to sway people from confusion and misinterpretation, he also hinted that there was a conspiracy at work against him for his accusations.

I fully realize that as I type this, meetings and conversations are taking place on Music Row to ensure I am blackballed from the industry…and that’s perfectly fine with me. I’m not sure how you can blackball somebody you don’t acknowledge in the first place anyway.”

Simpson is referencing that he has grown his career without major recognition or partnership from one of the large organizations that dominate the music landscape in Nashville. He continued on to express that his success is homegrown and along with his most recent No. 1 album, he sees his future albums heading to the top – all sans help.

He finished the updated rant with a powerful statement and declaration.

“P.S. Fu*k this town. I’m moving.”

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Watch Sturgill Simpson’s video for “The Promise” below.