For First Time Ever – ‘Nashville’ Star Sings At Opry Without Her Big Sister

Grand Ole Opry / YouTube

Back in 2012, sister duo Lennon & Maisy caught their big break when they first appeared in the country music-themed series, Nashville. Maisy was the one who originally auditioned, but when casting agents learned she had a sister, they brought Lennon on the show as well.

To this day, you can catch Lennon & Maisy in Nashville as the characters Maddie Jaymes and Daphne Conrad, the daughters of superstar Rayna Jaymes, who was played by Connie Britton.

In the show, Maddie and Daphne start off singing together. But eventually, Maddie branches off on her own to start a solo career. The same storyline has now unfolded in Lennon & Maisy’s real life.

Back when they first got started, Lennon & Maisy always performed as a duo. Their Nashville fame led to a series of prestigious gigs, including multiple shows at the Grand Ole Opry.

After years of singing with her little sister, Lennon announced in January that she had signed a solo record deal. Maisy expressed immense joy for her big sister’s accomplishment, writing on Facebook, “I couldn’t possibly be more excited for you.”

Now that Lennon is forging her own path in the music business, Maisy has decided to do the same. On February 10, Maisy returned to the Opry to perform, but in a way, it was like she was making her debut all over again. That’s because the show marked the first time she ever sang at the Opry without her sister by her side.

Through her performance, Maisy proved that like her sister, she has what it takes to make it as a solo act. One of the songs she performed that night was a cover of Americana artist John Hiatt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me.”

If Maisy was even the slightest bit nervous about her performance, it didn’t show. The exact opposite occurred…she radiated confidence as she sang.

By singing solo, Maisy was able to provide a more complete picture of what she’s capable of as a vocalist. You’re sure to be impressed by her range, as she can sing low and high notes with an equal sense of ease.

Oh, did we mention that she’s only 14? With that fact in mind, Maisy’s performance automatically becomes more remarkable.

Now you know that you have to watch Maisy’s solo performance of “Have a Little Faith in Me.” Go ahead and check it out below.

After seeing this, we’re sure it won’t be long before Maisy will have a record deal of her own!