Former Navy SEAL Starts Rescue For Retired Military K9s Slated For Euthanasia

Mike Ritland / Facebook

Military Working Dogs (MWDs)  and Police K9s work tirelessly and fearlessly beside their handlers in war zones around the world to make our nation safer. Just like soldiers, a dog’s time in service can leave a lasting mark on them, typically in the form of physical and mental injuries.This makes it harder for them to lead the type of life your everyday family dog does.

It wasn’t all that long ago that retired working dogs would be slated for euthanasia. Former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland thought these MWDs deserved better – after all, they are treated with the same respect as humans are in the military. This lead Ritland to start the Warrior Dog Foundation. Their goal is to help these retired warriors rehabilitate so that they can more easily fit into a life following their years of service.

Ritland and the other trainers with the Warrior Dog Foundation work diligently to help them to adapt, using positive reinforcement methods. In addition, the K9s with PTSD are desensitized to loud noises, helping to normalize them to the sounds of fireworks or gunfire. Once retired K9 Warriors have completed their service and for whatever reason, are unable to continue on with their handler, the Warrior Dog Foundation helps transition them from an operational environment into their state-of-the-art kennel facility in Texas. Then each individual K9 receives both mental and physical rehabilitation for the rest of their lives.

The Warrior Dog Foundation is made possible because of people like Ritland and others who help by donating to the cause.

Watch the video below for more information on the Warrior Dog Foundation.