Garth Brooks Emotionally Addresses Unrest And National Divide In Heartfelt Video

Garth Brooks Facebook Page

Country music legend, now record holder, Garth Brooks has had quite a bit to celebrate! In addition to giving his country music star wife Trisha Yearwood a one-of-a-kind birthday that had all the ladies swooning and in awe, Brooks has also broken a monumental record of acquiring an incredible seven Diamond Awards, surpassing the The Beatles whom had previously held the record at six awards!

Brooks took his his social media page to display his genuine gratitude for the undying support his fans have given him throughout the years, crediting them for his opportunity to hit this iconic milestone. Brooks continued with his recording, updating his fans and viewers on past events, as well as the future goodies that are soon to come! However, upon noticing a fan posted comment reading “Your talent and love has no end,” Brooks took this golden opportunity to shed some light on a very prevalent issue that continues to surface.

In light of the 2016 Presidential Election, Brooks pleas,

“The love is the word, isn’t it? That’s everything. I’m not going to get on my soapbox, but with every adversity comes opportunity. With what’s going on right now in our nation, I’m going to make this short — what is the wall that’s between us? Well, here’s the deal, with adversity the opportunity is to love more. That’s it. Go out of your way to love. Go out of your way to hug somebody. Go out of your way to help somebody. That’s what this should be, instead of us all separating and getting our groups, what this should do is make us stronger, stand up, love one another. So, tomorrow, if it’s a pain in the butt, and it’s out of your way and it takes time you don’t have, make whatever opportunity that is to tell somebody you love them.” 

These deep words resonated with viewers, one fan even commenting “1,900 people watching this, on a Monday night before football and the debate – Yet, WE are more interested in GARTH…” 

So, can we expect a Brooks 2020 “Rodeo” campaign? Regardless, we’re sure this incredible man has more than sufficient “Friends In Low Places” to back his good graces just by reading his social media comments and witnessing the outpour of well-deserved love this man continuously receives.

You can watch the video update from Brooks’ page below for new information and upcoming events, including the highly anticipated release of his new single on Oct. 13!