Garth Brooks Sound-Alike Stuns With Outstanding “What She’s Doing Now” Cover You Must Hear

James David Carter YouTube Channel

Garth Brooks is no stranger to the emotional and tearjerking songs, seeing that his most memorable songs talk about bittersweet “Unanswered Prayers” and the heartbreaking thoughts of “If Tomorrow Never Comes”. Brooks, having been awarded his record breaking 7th Diamond Award in light of his outrageous album sales, is often noted for his incredible vocal abilities and all too impressive vocal range, making his songs one hell of a challenge to recreate!

Well, it seems that one cowboy was fit for this challenging rodeo, confidently uploading his cover of “What She’s Doing Now”, sparking a plethora of positive comments and praise for his jaw dropping talent and striking vocal similarity to the “Friends In Low Places” singer! James David Carter, former 2014 Voice contestant on Team Blake and internet music sensation, gave viewers a performance that had many wondering not only how they had missed his talent throughout these past years, but if he was lip syncing to a Brooks performance! However, this singer’s vocals are his own pure talent, making his gift exceptionally authentic!

Carter carries the heartbreaking song with his rich tune and notable southern twang, eliciting first time viewers to continuously ask where they can hear more of his stunning performances!

While this particular video is packed with endless, raw emotion and highly regarded vocals, we strongly suggest you set aside a box of tissues and maybe a good hour or so, as we guarantee after you hear this performance below, you’ll want to enjoy every possible video this clearly promising singer has ever recorded! Fortunately, there is no shortage of them! Enjoy!