Gator Walking Across Golf Course “Looks Like He Belongs In Jurassic Park”

Nicolette Perdomo / Twitter

Nicolette Perdomo, a morning reporter for NBC2 shared a video on Twitter of an alligator walking across a golf course in Florida.

The incident happened at the Valencia Golf Course in Naples during the middle of a rainstorm. The golf course was closed due to the storm, which left the course open for the gator to move to another pond.

When the video started, you could see the rain was coming down hard and the camera was being held by someone who was riding by in a golf cart.

The gator had its whole body flexed up off the ground and was slowly walking towards a nearby pond like he was on a mission. It’s hard to tell exactly how long the gator was but it appeared to be at least be over eight-feet long.

“He looks like he belongs in Jurassic park!” Nicolette said of the gator’s size.

As they got behind the gator, the golf cart slowed down so that Tyler could finish filming. The video has been viewed almost a million times as of press time. Watch the video below.

Gator On Golf Course Video Below