Mama Grizzly Towers Over Hunter’s Truck As Cubs Watch

ViralHog / YouTube

Justin Giesbrecht and his father Ray were deer hunting early in the morning when they spotted a mother bear and her three cubs near Edson, Alberta on Saturday, Oct 31st, 2020.

“We were about to go on a deer hunt, but then saw the grizzly,” Justin told For The Win Outdoors.

They were driving down a country road when they spotted the mother and her cubs walking along the road. The guys decided to pull over and watch as the bears walked past their truck.

ViralHog / YouTube

Justin pulled out his phone to record the forest creatures and, all of a sudden, the mother bear stood on her back legs and towered over the hood of the truck inspecting it for danger.

“Oh … my gosh!” Justin said, at the size of the mother bear.

“Did you get a picture?” his father asks.

The mother bear lowered back down and turned around to continue leading her cubs down the old dirt road. As of press time, it’s got over 140 thousand views.

“We left the area out of respect for the grizzly family,” the caption of the video reported Justin saying.

Grizzly Mom Stands In Front Of Truck Video Below