Skynyrd’s Talented Crew Checks The Sound With Killer Jam Session

After being in the business for decades, Lynyrd Skynyrd knows how important it is to prepare before a show. If one instrument or piece of equipment is off, it could ruin the whole experience for the thousands of fans that turn out to watch them play. Known for their triple guitar sound, Skynyrd has to keep […] More

5 ‘Nuthin’ Fancy’ Facts All Skynyrd Fans Should Know

Following the successful release of their first two records, Lynyrd Skynyrd knew they had to come back fightin’ with album #3. The resulting project was 1975’s Nuthin’ Fancy, which has since gone down in history as one of the band’s best albums ever. Containing classic tracks such as “On the Hunt” and “Saturday Night Special,” […] More