One Friend On Bass, The Other On Guitar. The Result? A Pretty Cool ‘Curtis Loew’ Cover

Jason T Black YouTube Channel

It isn’t an uncommon thing to come across a good Lynyrd Skynyrd cover. It’s isn’t even that unusual to come across a good cover of their emotional song from 1974, “The Ballad of Curtis Loew.” But it is a rare thing to find a video of two friends who both know how to play “Curtis Loew” like pros, and on different instruments at that.

Friends Jason T Black and Zak Huttner have just started sharing instrumental covers on their YouTube channel, and they’re off to a good start. So far they’ve covered everyone from Michael Jackson, to Sublime, and yes, even Skynyrd.

With Black on the acoustic guitar and Huttner on the bass, the two friends enjoyed a cool and casual jam to “Curtis Loew.” You’ll be swaying along in no time as you listen to them crank out those groovy beats.

As if that wasn’t enough, Black showed off his singing pipes in the cover as well. His voice sounds a hint like Ronnie Van Zant’s, packed full of soul with a slightly raw tone.

We also just have to take a second to appreciate how much Huttner got into playing his bass. There’s no way you’ll grow bored if you keep your eyes on him, because his facial expressions were priceless. Got to appreciate that enthusiasm!

You can head down below to watch what these two friends had to offer up with their cover of “Curtis Loew.” If you like what you hear, be sure to show them some love by checking out the rest of their videos here!