Blake Shelton Says Miranda Lambert Closing Pink Pistol ‘Hurt’ Everyone In Tishomingo


Miranda Lambert pulled her Pink Pistol store out of Blake Shelton‘s home town of Tishomingo, Oklahoma following their high-profile divorce in the Summer of 2015. Shortly after the store’s closing in May of 2016, Shelton purchased the property, sharing little on the matter but that “something is brewing.”

Fast forward to 2017, and the country singer finally revealed what his intentions with his recently accrued property exactly were, two Blue Bird-style entertainment venues cleverly named Ole Red, one in Nashville and the other on the grounds of the former Pink Pistol store in Tishomingo.

In a Facebook live video uploaded to the Grand Ole Opry’s page – later shared to Shelton’s personal page – the country singer revealed his inspiration behind the placement of Ole Red in his hometown came about following the impact Lambert had on the residents when she pulled Pink Pistol from the town.

“When the Pink Pistol went away…it left a hole here,” Shelton said in the video. “We all saw what that business did for this community. It not only did well, but everybody did well because there was traffic in this town. When it went away, it hurt. There’s no doubt about it.”

The country singer went on to explain that he hopes to drive tourism to Tishomingo through the venue in the way the Blue Bird drives tourism in Nashville. Ole Red Tishomingo is set to open in late 2017 and the Nashville location at an undisclosed date in 2018. The Pink Pistol found a new home in Lambert’s hometown of Lindale, Texas.

You can watch Shelton discuss the opening of Ole Red Tishomingo below.