Get Ready To Rock Out To Hank Williams Jr.’s Live Performance Of ‘Mind Your Own Business’

YouTube/andrew strassburg

What do you get when you add Reba McEntireHank Williams Jr., Willie Nelson, Reverend Ike, and Tom Petty together? A rockin’ country music song that took over the No. 1 spot on the charts for two weeks straight.

In 1986, Hank Jr. remade his dad’s 1949 hit “Mind Your Own Business,” which sounds eerily similar in tone and structure to “Move It On Over,” and recruited some of his most talented friends to sing it with him.

He sings the first verse, followed by McEntire, then Reverend Ike. Willie Nelson and Tom Petty round out the solos. Each singer gave their own spin to the song, and it was so awesome to hear. We just wish they all performed it together at least once!

If you loved the studio version, you’re going to love the live version. Hank Jr. speeds it up a little and puts some more flair on it!

After singing McEntire’s section of the song, Hank Jr. hilarious says, “Tell ’em, Reba!” even though he is the only one actually singing! Enjoy the live version below.