Get Ready Y’all…Justin Timberlake Just Teased His Long Overdue Duet With Chris Stapleton

Justin Timberlake / Instagram

The moment that country fans have waited over two years for is almost here! Just in case you don’t remember, or were living under a rock during November 2015, we’ll give you a bit of background.

During the 2015 CMA Awards, something magical happened when a then-relatively unknown songwriter named Chris Stapleton took to the stage with pop star Justin Timberlake. The two sang a medley that contained Timberlake’s song “Drink You Away,” and Stapleton’s take on the George Jones classic, “Tennessee Whiskey.”

Immediately after that performance occurred, it was hailed as one of the greatest, if not the all-time greatest performance to ever take place at the CMA Awards. Interest in Stapleton soared even further when he made a clean sweep of all categories he was nominated in that night, including the Male Vocalist of the Year category.

After that, Stapleton’s record sales skyrocketed, and the success has just kept on coming. He’s now one of the most popular artists in all of country music.

Now that Stapleton’s star is shining brighter than ever, country fans have been anxious to hear him reunite with Timberlake for a new duet. So you can imagine the excitement that soared through the country community when it was revealed that Stapleton would join Timberlake for a song on his upcoming album Man of the Woods.

Since that announcement was made, everyone has been waiting to hear Stapleton and Timberlake’s long overdue duet. Thankfully we don’t have to wait much longer, because the duet is dropping on Thursday (January 25).

Timberlake announced the duet’s release date along with a teaser video that he posted to his Instagram. The video sent fans into a frenzy right away, since it shows Timberlake and Stapleton walking somewhere together.

Unfortunately, the five-second video doesn’t tease any audio from the new duet, which is titled “Say Something.” But still, it’s just enough to get us hyped up for the song!

You can catch Timberlake’s teaser below. Who else is excited to finally hear him sing with Stapleton again?