Girl With Stage 4 Cancer Performs Sweet Duet With Luke Bryan

Instagram / Caroline Bryan

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, one little girl got to live out some big dreams.


Meet Caroline Lantz, a little girl from Nashville, Tennessee. Caroline has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma which is a high-risk, aggressive cancer that spread throughout almost her entire body. Fortunate for her family – little Caroline is quite the fighter!

Instagram / Caroline Bryan

Over 14 months of treatments, surgeries, and therapies, Caroline is still remaining strong. According to her blog – that her parents use to keep friends and family updated – Caroline’s most recent biopsy is beginning to look up. Although the “Radiologist cannot definitively say that she has ‘no evidence of disease,’ they are pleased with the improvements on this scan relative to previous scans.” The good news is that the disease has not continued to progress.

Margaret Lantz /

Celebrating Caroline

While little Caroline spends most of her days in the hospital, for one special night she got to spend it alongside some pretty incredible artists. The Lantz family was invited to attend a night in celebration of Caroline, coordinated by friends. Luke Bryan, Drake White, Scotty Emerick, Jonathon Singleton, and Shane Minor all came together for this humbling event.

One performance that touched the hearts of everyone in attendance was when Luke and Caroline sang the classic hit, “Sweet Caroline” together. With Luke on guitar and Caroline beside him on a chair, these two crushed their own rendition!

Instagram / Caroline Bryan

Caroline even knew all the words! She sang the harmonies between the verses as the crowd joined in with her. Luke’s wife, Caroline posted the video with the sweet caption,

“Valentines Day is about love. And we all love Little Caroline! She’s small but oh so mighty!!! #carolinestrong”

That’s exactly what Caroline is – small but strong and definitely mighty!

Watch Luke and Caroline’s heartwarming performance below.

Caroline’s family has opened a donation page for their sweet angel, you can donate here.