Guy Lets Go Of Baby To Catch Home Run Ball…Then Snatches Baby Mid-Air

Zooted Spitwell / Twitter

Imagine that you are at a baseball game with your child in one hand and a beer in the other. Which do you drop to catch a home run ball?

For one sportsman, failure to save all three was not an option. Instead, the dad showed the extent of his reflexes by momentarily releasing his child, catching the home run ball, and securing the kid again in midair. While the man’s coordination skills were impressive enough, the fan also managed to perform the stunt while safely keeping his beer out of harm’s way.

In a video shared by an awestruck viewer, the man holds the beer up in the air to celebrate his victory. In the tweet the fan wrote:

“This is the most amazing dad sh-t I’ve ever seen. Dude let the baby go, caught the ball, recovered the baby mid air, only spilled a drop of beer and the baby didn’t drop the bottle. Legendary!” 

Check out the full video below.

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