Gwen Stefani’s Kiss Interrupts Blake Shelton’s 2018 ‘Crash My Playa’ Show

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Luke Bryan Brings On A Buddy For Major Event

Each year, Luke Bryan brings some of country music’s hottest stars down to Mexico for his annual Crash My Playa festival. In 2018, Bryan managed to get his good friend and country superstar Blake Shelton to headline one night, and he certainly didn’t disappoint.

Bryan actually joined Shelton for a large portion of the show, and the two sang a number of songs together. They entertained the crowd with various classic and traditional tunes, including Alabama‘s “Dixieland Delight” and George Strait‘s “All My Ex’s Live in Texas.”

It turns out that Bryan wasn’t the only artist to share the stage with Shelton that night.

Gwen Joins In Too

Fans were thrilled when  Gwen Stefani strolled out on the stage and started singing her hit song “Hollaback Girl.” At the time, she and Shelton had been dating for just a little over two years (and now they’re engaged!)

Stefani had previously been watching from the front of the crowd, but eventually decided to surprise everyone by interrupting Shelton’s show. Shelton seemed to get a kick out of her performance, and could even be seen mouthing the words to the song.

As you would expect, a bunch of fans captured Stefani’s performance on film, and flooded social media with the videos they took. In the video below, you can actually see Shelton quietly singing along with her.

But the best part of Stefani’s performance came at the end, which is when she stopped Shelton in his tracks with a steamy kiss. The two have never been shy about sharing their affection with one another in public, but this was definitely one of the most passionate kisses we’ve ever seen them share on the stage!

Understandably so, the crowd went wild as soon as Stefani smooched Shelton! You can catch the cute moment at the end of the clip below.