Hank Jr.’s Rowdy NASCAR Anthem Is 1996’s Best Hidden Treasure

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images, RacingOne/Getty Images

Belting out this boot-stomping song about a young man’s rise in the ranks of NASCAR, one of country music’s biggest stars hits the nail on the head with his contribution to NASCAR’s music project, Hotter Than Asphalt.

Teaming up with iconic artists and fellow members of the country music and Southern rock industries, Hank Williams Jr. throws his name down on an album pointed directly at some of the most passionate fans in the world – NASCAR fans!

Debuting as a tribute to the 1996 season, this collection of fire-hot songs from some of the top-selling artists was truly one of the hidden treasures of the 90s and one that many folks still love today.

According to Williams’ tribute to Hueytown, there is no shortage of ambition, drive, or dedication to achieving your goals and as he exclaims, “Down in Huey Town we can make it fit / Down in Huey Town you gotta take what you get / Down in Huey Town we wind ’em up tight / Down in Huey Town everything’s all right!” 

Williams’ signature powerful country sound comes through loud and clear for this amped up racing anthem and it’s clear he’s running in high gear the whole track!

Check out Hank Williams Jr.’s song from Hotter Than Asphalt, “Down In Huey Town” below.

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