Kenny Chesney & Peyton Manning Thrill Crowd With Epic ‘Back Where I Come From’

Eddie Colwell/ Youtube

Country music star Kenny Chesney had fans roaring with excitement when he invited NFL favorite and Super Bowl winner Peyton Manning onto the stage of his fiery concert! Performing in Tennessee, the star expressed his gratitude for the state to his invigorated audience, cheering on the country boy as he continued through his CMT concert special, Kenny Chesney: Back Where I Come From. The evening was a massive success, raking in large masses of fans that had this Tennessee boy on cloud 9!

Kicking off the intro to his “anthem on the road”, Chesney had fans mesmerized as he performed his song “Back Where I Come From”. As he sang further into his tune, Chesney interjected to address his crowd. “A man who needs no introduction in this stadium, number sixteen, Mr. Peyton Manning everybody,” he yelled! With that, football star Peyton Manning strolled him way onto the stage aside from Chesney, greeted by an incredibly welcoming and eager crowd!

Sporting a bold cowboy hate and wide grin, this pro football player was sure ready for a grand ole country time! After a reuniting high five, the two boys jumped head first in Chesney’s hometown tune, serenading their audience with each familiar lyric. “Back where I come from/ Where I’ll be when it’s said and done/ And I’m proud as anyone/ That’s where I come from,” they sang!

As they wrapped up their performance, the country star thanked Manning for the duet and sent him off with an epic high five and exiting ovation. You won’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime performance. Be sure to check it out below!