Miranda Lambert Reveals One Thing She Really Hates

C Flanigan / FilmMagic / Getty Images

We already knew that Miranda Lambert has zero tolerance for beach balls being tossed around at her shows. But it turns out that Lambert’s tolerance for concert shenanigans is even lower than we thought. 

During an interview prior to her headlining performance at the Taste of Country Music Festival in 2017, Lambert revealed one of the things she hates most about going on tour. It’s not the long hours or the excessive travel. It isn’t even the fact that she has to be away from her beloved bunch of pets at home.

So what is it about tours that Lambert has such a problem with? Pranks, that’s what.

It has become a pretty common thing in country music for tourmates and crew members to prank each other. Just a few examples are when Blake Shelton‘s stylist gave him an awful scare when she hid in a human-sized jack-in-the-box, and when Easton Corbin terrified one of the Swon Brothers with a plastic snake prank while on tour with Carrie Underwood.

But anyone who tours with Lambert better think twice about trying to prank her. As she confessed, she absolutely hates tour pranks. Well, at least the ones that could interrupt a show.

Honestly, end of tour pranks are always fun, but like backstage,” she said. “I don’t like when they interfere with the show, because the crowd’s like, ‘We don’t know it’s an inside joke.’ Plus I just have a bad sense of humor I guess.”

Make note, don’t ever pull off a prank during Lambert’s show, because you’ll be the only one laughing!

We’re sure by now that everyone on Lambert’s team has learned not to interfere with her shows by pranking her on stage. Besides, who would want to mess with such outstanding performances? You can watch Lambert’s live performance of “Tin Man” below to understand exactly what we mean.

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