Here’s How Tall Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley, Trace Adkins (& More) Are

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When it comes to the world of country music, no star is too hunky! However, while they all share that handsome chromosome that makes them the perfect southern candidates for our wildest dreams, these strapping men all stand at different heights across the board. Find out if your country crush’s height will have you jumping in a pair of heels or opting for a comfy pair of flats!

How tall is Hunter Hayes?

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This handsome performer packs a mighty talent for standing at just 5’6″. 26-year-old Hunter Hayes has had his fans swooning since his country ballad “Wanted” gave women the validation they’d been longing to hear! The singer/songwriter became the youngest male performer to ever top the Billboard Hot Country Songs, subsequently winning numerous awards and recognitions.

How tall is Brad Paisley?

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Standing at 5’9″, jack-of-all-trades Brad Paisley wows his fans performance after performance with his phenomenal vocals and impressive guitar skills. Through one of his many comical tunes, the singer addresses the contrast of genuine disclosure of height in comparison to the beefed up version of ourselves we market on the internet with his hilarious hit “Online.” Admitting that he will “grow another foot and lose a bunch of weight” per login session to his online dating sites, the star poked fun at the true reality of selling a height that is bound to fall short upon your first date.

How tall is Keith Urban?

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Australian hunk Keith Urban has been sending the country girls wild since his solo music debut in 1999 with his meaningful tune “But For The Grace Of God.” The strapping singer has charted a phenomenal career with a plethora of hits to last a lifetime. Urban stands at 5’10” while his dashing wife Nicole Kidman bears her supermodel genes at a remarkable 5’11”.

How tall is Luke Bryan?

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This booty shaking country boy is recorded at a whopping 6 feet tall! Dancing his way into country music in the mid-2000s, Luke Bryan was a sight for sore eyes even during his early years. He began his intro to the genre by penning tunes for his pals Travis Tritt and Billy Currington, eventually making his own personal appearance and shaking his way into our hearts for good! And boy, are we glad he did!

How tall is Jason Aldean?

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The “Any Ol’ Barstool” singer has been producing quality hits since his contract was signed with Broken Bow Records in 2005. Since then, Jason Aldean has landed over 24 hit singles and released a whopping eight albums! It seems this star has yet to get too big for his britches, seeing that he tends to live a quiet life when he’s not touring or putting on one hell of a show. However, those would be some pretty big britches to expand on, seeing that Aldean measures up to 6’1″! Remind us to avoid a conflict with him at a bar!

How tall is Blake Shelton?

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Country music’s favorite comedian Blake Shelton is a mighty man, to no one’s surprise! Standing at 6’5″, the singer entered the world of country with his debut single “Austin” back in 2001. Shelton has soared to fame through his numerous hits, guest appearances, and coaching position on NBC’s hit show The Voice. His NBC co-star Adam Levine often pokes fun at the country boy, commenting on his massive frame and intimidating height.

How tall is Trace Adkins?

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The staggering height of this country icon has perhaps earned him the title as one of the tallest country artists to grace the genre. Trace Adkins, towering at 6’6″, is a walking tank that could put the fear of God into even the toughest of cowboys. His 1995 debut with the timeless hit “Dreaming Out Loud” sent the singer to admirable success, as he would chart over 20 singles and numerous no.1 hits during his continuous career. With an impeccable southern talent and a powerful look that means business, Adkins was destined for stardom!

Were you surprised by the measurements of your favorite country hunks? While they all vary in height, their outstanding musical talent and love for the southern jingles make these individuals a lot more similar than their heights lead on!