HOA Orders Couple To Remove American Flag Pole

Darlene Bennington Lacertosa / Facebook

Darlene Lacertosa shared her frustration and a couple of photos on Facebook in response to a letter she and her husband Rocco got in the mail from the Homeowners Association in Mainland, Pennsylvania.

The letter ordered them to remove a flag pole they recently installed a couple of feet from their home. The flag pole was only about 10 feet tall with a light at the top of it, however, the letter said it was in violation and had to be removed.

“Very upsetting since we have two sons in the military and this flag pole was Rocco’s dad’s which he proudly flew every day until the day he died,” Darlene Lacertosa shared in a public Facebook post.

The Galman Group, who manages the apartment complex and works with the Homeowners Association claims the couple has put the pole on common ground. 

“The standards specifically permit the American flag to be flown when mounted to a house but do not permit in-ground flags in the community,” a spokesperson for the Galman Group told Patch.com.

The Galman Group and the Board at Indian Valley Meadows also stated that they welcome their residents to display the American flag, and other appropriate flags, in accordance with the guidelines established. You can watch the video below to learn more about the Homeowners Association and what they do.