Jason Aldean Shows What ‘Real Life’ Is Like With A Newborn Baby

Brittany Aldean / Instagram

For the past month, Brittany and Jason Aldean have been enjoying spending time with their newest bundle of joy, a daughter named Navy Rome Williams. She was born on February 4, 2019 weighing 7 pounds, 12 ounces.


It actually hasn’t been that long since Jason and Brittany were in the newborn stages with a baby. Her older brother, Memphis Aldean Williams was born December 1, 2017 at 1:29pm weighing 9lbs, 5oz. Brittany described it as “the happiest day of my life.”


Memphis was Brittany’s first child, so she shared many photos of her life as a new mom, with several extremely adorable photos of the baby. Jason has noticed that his wife of almost four years only posts super cute photos of their son, and now their daughter, but he wanted the world to know the truth!

[Brittany] is always posting pics of Memphis that are good, but this is actually the stuff she doesn’t post. #reallife #hangry,” he captioned a photo of their son crying.


The hashtag “#hangry” that Jason used in the post is a term used when you are so hungry, you are angry, and Memphis definitely looks “hangry” in this photo! Hundreds of fans commented on the photo saying they “feel his pain” as they are parents as well!

Jason is also dad to Keeley (15) and Kendyl (11), his daughters from his previous marriage.