Jason Isbell’s Wife Caught In Middle Of Devastating Situation

Joshua Black Wilkins via seriouseats.com

Singer-songwriter and violinist Amanda Shires’ day in Chicago turned into a living nightmare when she discovered her van had been broken into. The wife of singer-songwriter and guitarist Jason Isbell, Shires updated fans about the break-in on Twitter.

Isbell spoke about the incident first, writing in a tweet that his wife’s van was broken into while she was performing at the City Winery, so all of her important gear was inside with her. He encouraged everyone in Chicago to keep their eyes open for the person or people responsible.

In a series of heartbreaking tweets, Shires revealed all of the items she had stolen from her van. In the first tweet she shared, she wrote that all of her new songs, journal, and her thesis writings were stolen. She said that she doesn’t ever back up her files, and that she actually writes most of her stuff by hand.

In addition to her writings, Shires revealed that her blood pressure medicine had also been stolen. Some of her musical items were taken as well, including a ukulele and her in ear monitors.

The list of items stolen from her van continued, as Shires revealed that her retainer and sunglasses had also been taken. But she seemed the most upset over her missing thesis papers, since she does 90% of her writing with pen and paper.

Our hearts break for Shires and Isbell over this whole thing. We hope that whoever broke into Shires’ van will be caught, and that her precious items will be returned to her.

During this tough time we’ll be keeping Shires and Isbell in our prayers.