Steve Harvey Delivers Explosive Comments On His Involvement With NASCAR Lawsuit


The longtime TV personality unleashed on the $500 million ‘racism’ lawsuit that he was named in as an alleged partner with the plaintiff.

According to TMZ, Steve Harvey was called out in a new lawsuit that blames NASCAR for discriminating against black drivers and team owners, but Harvey isn’t on board.

Taking to his radio show, Harvey unleashed on the notion that he was involved in the lawsuit and called out the statement TMZ reported about that claimed he had tried to start a NASCAR team with the plaintiff, Terrance Cox.

Cox accused NASCAR of blocking his and Harvey’s attempt to start a team last year, but Harvey says it’s all a load of B.S.

Harvey says in his radio show that Cox “Came to me with ‘What can we do to help youth?'” but the situation turned into something else entirely that he wasn’t keen on getting involved with. Harvey describes a protest situation that he didn’t think was a safe measure, and goes on to describe just how far he is from ever starting a NASCAR team.

“I don’t want no damn race team!” Harvey said. “I wish [Cox] had some money so I could sue him…but he ain’t got none!

Further adding to his disagreement with supporting a race team, Harvey says “I don’t even like fast-ass cars!

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