Jenny Gill Jokingly Reveals Why She Is “Afraid” Of Garth Brooks

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Country legend Vince Gill is the proud papa to two daughters. His oldest daughter, Jenny, is from his first marriage to Janis Oliver.


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He’s also dad to Corrina, who he shares with his wife of over 20 years, Amy Grant.


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Jenny was born in 1982, so she was around for her father’s rise to fame in the 90s. She was also able to attend a few award ceremonies with her dad, who took home lots in that decade.

Recently, Jenny has been telling stories to her Instagram followers…and they are hilarious!

In the one she posted on August 17, she said she always gets asked what it was like to have Vince Gill as a dad, and she said the next story will give some insight on that.

Jenny said the very first CMA Awards she attended, which was in the 90s, she got to wear a very nice dress – with big puffy sleeves. They took a limo and she and her dad were seated in the second row, making her feel like a pretty big deal. But, she says, she was seated directly behind a man wearing a large cowboy hat and she couldn’t see a thing.

She said her dad leaned forward and said to the man, “Hey buddy, can you take your hat off so my kid can see around you?”

The man turned around…it was Garth Brooks!!

According to Jenny, Garth asked her, “Would you like to sit up here with me, little lady?”

To be honest, that sounds exactly like something he would say! She ultimately said no because of shyness, but he did take his hat off for her so she could see the show.

Jenny reveals, “I’ve been kind of afraid of that man ever since.”

How can anyone be afraid of Garth Brooks?! See her hilarious tale in the video below.