Joanna Gaines’ 2-Year-Old Son Crew Helps Her In The Kitchen

Magnolia Network / YouTube

Fixer Upper‘s Joanna Gaines has a new cooking show called Magnolia Table, but it’s her two-year-old son Crew that seems to be the star.

In a short clip shared to the Magnolia Network YouTube channel, Jo is heard describing the recipe she’s preparing that day. As she spoke, Crew came waddling in to the kitchen to see what she’s up to.

Jo was overjoyed to see her youngest son, and asked “Do you wanna help mama cook today?” before scooping Crew up in her arms. She asked him if he’d like to help her crack an egg, and he happily obliged!

That is perfect!” Jo exclaimed after her and Crew worked together to crack the egg into a bowl.

After cleaning up Crew’s messy hands, Jo led him out into the garden. While they were out there, they picked some flowers in addition to the herbs they needed for their recipe.

Suddenly, Jo’s husband, Chip, appeared, saying he had been looking all over for Crew. “Crew listen, you can not run off to cook with mama,” Chip joked with the toddler as he picked him up.

He then tried to get Crew to say which parent was his favorite…him or Jo. At first Crew said it was Chip, but after being questioned again by Jo, he said it was her!

Look below to watch the full clip of Crew helping his mama in the kitchen. That little guy is such a ray of sunshine!