Joanna Gaines Catches Sweetest Moment Between Siblings

Joanna Gaines is a busy mama! From running her own magazine to getting ready to launch a new television network, it seems like the Gaines duo hardly slows down. But in between the press releases and fixer-uppers are the sweet moments that make life seem a little more simple. Thankfully, Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ kids […] More

Joanna Gaines Catches Baby Boy Trying To Be CEO During Work Meeting

Baby Gaines is back at it again! This time – he’s taking over the reins for his family business. The Perfect Addition Since his birth, baby Crew has been bringing lots of personality and laughter to the Gaines family. From getting caught playing blackjack with his siblings to making snow angels in the yard – […] More

Joanna Gaines Shares Video Of Baby Crew Making His First Ornament

Joanna Gaines is a pretty savvy and creative lady. But while making Christmas ornaments with the newest addition to the family, Baby Crew – she forgot to look out for one thing that could have been disastrous! Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments One sweet keepsake that parents love to have is a handprint ornament from their […] More

Are Chip & Joanna Trying For Baby #6? They Tell All…

Chip and Joanna Gaines are what most people would call “super parents.” They’ve created a business from the ground up while raising a family and a farm! Life is pretty good for the Fixer Upper family, but they might not be completely done growing… The Already Have 5 Kids! The Gaines family welcomed baby number […] More

Joanna Gaines Gets Super Real About Having A Newborn

If you’re a parent, you’ve been there. Heck, even Joanna Gaines has been there…four times before to be exact! But just because she has had four kids before, doesn’t make this fifth newborn any easier. In fact, she might be at a slight disadvantage because the last time she had a newborn was eight years […] More