“Fixer Upper” Is Coming Back Next Year

Instagram / Joanna Gaines

The top-rated home improvement show, Fixer Upper left fans longing for more in 2018 when Chip and Joanna Gaines hung up his tool belt and her design pad to spend more time with their family.


However, on August 4, 2020, Joanna revealed on her Instagram page that their popular show will return to television in 2021!

In a short two-minute clip, the always mischievous Chip is seen driving his wife to a secret location only he knows about, as he compliments how nice she looks and tells her he loves her.

Joanna seems to know he’s up to something, as she gives him the side-eye and quips, “I saw that you put your hammer and your tool belt in the back. What’s that about?”

Instagram / Joanna Gaines

Chip shrugs and nonchalantly replies that he likes to have his tools around just in case, although Joanna doesn’t look like she quite seems to believe him.

Chip looks as though he can’t hold it in anymore and says with his hand on his head, I’m sorry Jo, I’ve gotta tell you somethin’.” 

In which she replied, “Oh gosh.”

Instagram / Joanna Gaines

He tells her he has a surprise for her, and he thinks she will love it. She seems less than enthused and shares that he’s said that she would love his so-called surprises before, and she hasn’t always been a huge fan.

Chip counters what she says and tells her she always starts mad, and she gets happy later. In which she quietly agrees and says smiling, “I’m going to be happy.”

Instagram / Joanna Gaines

Chip pulls up to an old house and makes Joanna close her eyes as he helps her out of the car. He makes a “ta-dah” motion and tells her, “I signed us up for another season of ‘Fixer Upper’!”  

Instagram / Joanna Gaines

Joanna admitted she kind of missed it and said, “Let’s do it!” 

The husband and wife duo cheers with her design notebook and his tools, and they walk off together to fix up the old house.

We can’t wait for the new season of Fixer Upper, set to premiere sometime next year.

Watch the adorable promo below!